City’s safety under control of video cameras

When it comes to safe urban environments, the first thing that comes to mind is safety on the roads. Traffic regulations are a fundamental component of road safety and everybody needs to follow them all of the time. The work that is aimed at creating a secure environment in Russian megacities is implemented at the national level.

The CTO of the Russian company Vocord Alexey Kadeishvili

Everybody knows that there are fines and penalties for road traffic violations. Special photo and video systems that detect violations have been in place and operating successfully for a long time, ensuring that violators cannot evade punishment. They work as a kind of tool to make drivers more law-abiding, since the positive effect of such systems, which first and foremost entails a decrease in traffic violations, is now widely recognized.

According to the CTO of the Russian company Alexey Kadeishvili, the key components of road safety in city are the expansion of the road network along with construction of new roads that meet safety requirements, the integrations of an ITS (Intelligent Transport System) that includes mechanisms that warn drivers about problems on the road (like accidents and traffic jams) and, of course, getting drivers to comply with traffic regulations via unavoidable penalties and fines for traffic violations.

“All of our products are in one way or another related to video processing and are from the beginning a part of the VOCORD Tahion global video surveillance program,” Alexey clarifies, “This platform allows the user to look at images from any camera plugged into the system in real time, as well as use the cameras to record and conduct different types of video analysis.”

The VOCORD Traffic is an ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) traffic enforcement system, which was developed by VOCORD experts, has been operating on roads in other Russian cities for several years. VOCORD Traffic recognizes license plate numbers, takes photos and records videos of 15+ traffic violations and collects data about traffic flows in the city. It is worth noting that this system allows users to track the location, trajectory and speed of vehicles on the road, along with the average speed on specific road sections.

Among the traffic violations that VOCORD Traffic is able to recognize and capture, the most “popular” violations for Russian drivers include speeding, failure to comply with traffic regulations at intersections and railway crossings, driving in the opposite lane, changing lanes across a solid line, parking violations and more.

VOCORD company experts point out that places that use the VOCORD Traffic system, which include almost 30 regions in Russia, have seen a 25% drop in accidents and mortality. The total number of traffic violations have more than halved in some regions within the first month, with zero fatalities reported.

Although the VOCORD Traffic system has been operating in Moscow for several years and has proven to be an effective way to improve road safety, VOCORD specialists are constantly working to improve it. Last year, specialists developed a new multilane system with a radar that covers a wide area, which is capable of monitoring up to four lanes in one or both directions of the road. Another important innovation is the new pulsed infrared illuminator, which is used in ANPR and video surveillance systems at night and during poor lightning and weather conditions.

Since 2013, the VOCORD Traffic system has also been operating on railway crossings in Moscow. Train traffic outside of Moscow is quite active, which requires drivers to abide by traffic laws around railway crossings. The system can capture various types of violations around these areas: driving around the barrier or entering the crossing on a red light. These violations are captured at night and in bad weather conditions as well. According to Alexey Kadeishvili, the next round of improvements to the system will entail increased energy efficiency, a reduction in the system’s dimensions and lower prices.

Note from Capital Ideas:

Conventional radar detectors, which a lot of drivers are equipped with, cannot detect VOCORD Traffic systems. This is because these systems incorporate two methods - one is radar based and the other is optical, which is based on precise measurements for the time of each frame.

Note from Capital Ideas:

VOCORD has been operating in the sphere of video surveillance and audio recording technology research and development since 1999. The company develops professional security systems with unique technical features that are used to execute complex wide-area projects. VOCORD systems work across more than 70 “Safe City” projects in Russia and abroad. In the sphere of video surveillance and video analysis systems, one of the most popular VOCORD products is the VOCORD d Traffic system, which recognizes license plates and captures traffic violations. The company actively develops new video analysis technology: computer vision, face recognition and license plate recognition. In 2011, VOCORD became a Skolkovo resident with the 3D-vision and face recognition system project.



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