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In a big city like Moscow, everybody can find something entertaining to do over the next few months. It all depends on what your interests are. Some will be interested in checking out Ivan Aivazovsky’s work, while others will opt to visit a performance put on by the world-famous La Scala theatre, which is currently on tour.

This summer has a lot in store for those who appreciate fine art.

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts is hosting one of the biggest projects, a large-scale retrospective Leon Bakst exhibition. Around 250 paintings, prints, photographs, documents from archives, rare books, stage costumes and designs for fabrics will be showcased together for the first time at an exhibition called “Léon Bakst. 150th Anniversary.” Leon Bakst, one of the most original and prominent artists of the 20th century, is first and foremost famous for his decorations for Sergei Diaghilev’s Russian seasons in Paris and London. His unusual decorations and costumes sealed the success of productions such as “Cleopatra,” “Scheherazade,” “Blue God” and “Sleeping Princess,” and had an impact on the overall concept of stage design.

Fans of modern art will likely be interested in learning about the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, which will take place at the Trekhgorka on July 1 - August 10.

The project was founded in 2008. Experts consider it to be a unique event because there are no similar young art exhibitions of this scale in the world. There are plenty of other biennale events all over the world, but the event in Moscow specifically focuses on talented young people and provides them with international startup opportunities.

An exhibition that promises to be one of the greatest cultural events of the summer is opening on at the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val on July 29. Experts say that the exhibition will be extremely popular. This is because its main focus is Ivan Aivazovsky, one of the greatest marine artists in history. The exhibition will feature about 100 paintings and 50 prints out of the massive collection that encompasses almost 6,000 works. Highlights include the artist’s most famous paintings: “Rainbow,” “Black Sea,” “Ninth Wave” and “Wave.”

The exhibition “Film and Fashion” will be on display at VDNKh (Pavilion 64) until the middle of August. This project was authored by fashion historian and popular TV show host Aleksandr Vasiliev. Mr. Vasiliev has been collecting dresses and accessories from the most famous film stars, singers and ballet dancers for many years.

Aleksandr Vasiliev said that he is immensely proud of the exhibition. “After some time goes by, future generations will draw conclusions about these women who became symbols of entire eras based on their dresses, costumes, jewelry, bags and shows. And I will make sure to preserve all of this. I won’t shy away from calling my connection unique. To be honest, a lot of the exhibits are passed on to me after celebrities pass away by their relatives. But the legendary ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya gave me something while she was still alive. We were friends, and she has been at my Lithuanian estate several times. One of her dresses ended up in a collection from the Lithuanian ballerina Eglė Špokaitė. Plisetskaya was a very generous woman and it wasn’t a big deal for her to part with material things. She could take off her earrings and give them to a young ballerina she liked as a present. Or she could give away a Mark Segal drawing.”

Up until mid-September, Multimedia Art Museum on Ostozhenka is hosting an exhibition in honor of the 55th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first flight into space. The images on display are truly rare. After all, the project was created in collaboration with the Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia," the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of The History of Cosmonautics, the Russian State Library, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Moscow and many other museums and galleries.

There is also something in store for jazz fans. On July 29, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall will be hosting Sergey Zhilin’s "Phonograph Jazz,” with the program "Jazz Rapture." Those who watch the popular show “Golos” on Channel One are familiar with the ensemble. Sergey Zhilin is the person who is always being thanked for his accompaniment by all members of the project, along with the famous host of the show Dmitry Nagiev.

Avid theatre-goers, especially those who are interested in unusual and original productions, have three new plays to choose from. The Theatre of Nations is hosting a play based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot by the young director Maksim Didenkopo.

In spite of the fact that the stage version of the novel, which was written by Konstantin Fyodorov, includes 20 characters, the play features just four performers. The inimitable actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite will be playing Prince Myshkin! Yes, that’s right: a woman will be playing a man’s part. Moreover, the director decided to execute the project in a “black clown” aesthetic. Unusual, isn’t it?

Another big play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” won the prestigious Golden Mask award in the “Drama/Play” nomination category. The production features Irina Gorbacheva, who is one of the most unique young actresses in Russia. She has become extremely popular over the past year. She owes a lot of her success to Instagram, where Irina frequently posts small, hilarious clips in which she plays different roles. In one of the clips, for example, she is a young and overbearing mother. In another, she is an old actress who is paranoid that everybody is plotting against her. The public really enjoys these small glimpses of acting, which is why Irina became such a big star. Her Instagram blew up with over half a million followers in just a few months.

Finally, there is a love story from Ivan Vyrypaev at the Moscow Art Theatre. “Dreamworks. Dreams come true” is a story that centers simple human values: marriage, love, family. The play uses modern language and is executed in the style of Hollywood films. It stars an up-and-coming film and theatre star Paulina Andreeva - the same woman that Fyodor Bondarchuk supposedly fell head over heels for. Bondarchuk recently announced that he is divorcing his wife, who he has shared his life with for over 20 years. Rumor has it that the reason for the break-up is his new love. There are also rumors about an upcoming wedding between Fyodor and Pulina.

Opera lovers are in for an unforgettable event at the Bolshoi Theatre this fall. The famous Italian Opera theatre La Scala (translated as “Ladder”) is coming to the Bolshoi on tour! The La Scala performances that will take place this fall will mark the beginning of a long-term partnership between the Bolshoi Theatre and the art festival Cherry Forest, organized by the company Bosco di Ciliegi. The tour will last for a week. Aside from Verdi's "Simon Boccanegra," the programme includes an Italian music concert and Verdi’s “Requiem,” which is considered to be La Scala’s specialty.

On September 23, the International House of Music will host a creative meeting with one of the most famous film directors in Russia, Andron Konchalovsky. The son of translator Natalia Konchalovskaya and famous poet Sergey Mikhalkov, Andron has an impressive list of accomplishments of his own. His films are always of great interest to the public, especially since Konchalovsky is probably the only director who managed to work in Hollywood: “Tango and Cash,” with Russell Crowe and Sylvester Stallone, was one of his films. He is a true master with a unique perspective and tremendous life experience. Andron Konchalovsky will be 79 in August. But age is just a number for somebody who is in great shape, still making films and is married to a 42-year old woman.

In the fall, two famous singers will be gracing the stage of Croscus City Hall. Ani Lorak will be performing on October 7 and Vera Brezhneva, former singer of the band VIA Gra, will be performing on October 8. Both women could justifiably claim to be sex symbols, as they are both very beautiful. Moreover, Vera Brezhneva has been a hot topic of discussion this year: the entire country was following the developments of her personal life. The thing is that Vera recently married famous composer Konstantin Meladze, who also writes all of her songs. The romance had been brewing for a long time, Konstantin was married with three children. Vera had also been married twice and had two daughters. Nonetheless, their feelings for each other continues to grow. Meladze got divorced, and the two finally got together.

On October 15, there will be a major event for ballet fans. For the seventh time, Moscow will be hosting Kremlin Gala “Ballet Stars of the 21st Century.” This unique annual event brings together the biggest ballet stars from all over the world at the State Kremlin palace. These are big names all ballet fans will recognize: Ivan Vasiliev and Marlon Dino, Artem Ovcharenko and Tyago Soares. The audience will be treated to classical and modern choreography. Kremlin Gala will provide visitors with the rare opportunity to see stars from the most famous ballet troupes in the world in a single program.



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